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I’m really disappointed in this WordPress Blog of mine.  It’s not allowing me to add any photos to my posts…and I can’t figure out why.  I have lots of Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography images that I would love to share…but am not able to.  I can’t add links either.  Anyone have any idea who to contact?

I’m working on adding my new Woman’s Modern Portraiture as well, and would love to share those photos as well.  I’ve got most everything ready.  I’ve been sewing away, making beautiful outfits for my clients.  I’m just loving this part of the venture!  I shop for old great clothing items, and add lace and ruffles and ribbons…making these gorgeous little things out of them.  I’m making so many…that I’m selling them as well.  Visit my little Enchanted Couture Shop to see some of the stuff I’ve put together!  I’d add a link…but this oh so irritating WordPress Blog won’t let me!! But, I can spell it out for you:

I’ve also found a hair and makeup artist who I’m excited to work with as well.  I’ve painted some walls some beautiful colors…and I’m just about ready to go.  Ready to create beautiful pictures of women.  Wonderful photographs for them to keep for themselves, or share with those they love…

Newborn Photography Portland Oregon

Ahhh…the babies just keep coming!  And I LOVE it.  Here are a few newborns for you to see from recent sessions.  Doing lots of Maternity Portraits as well, and will be posting them soon.

I’m so bad at keeping up on my blog!  I hear that you’re supposed to blog at least twice a week.  Twice a week!!??  That, on top of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google +…and all the other Social Media out there?  How do people do it?  But…, I have to admit…there was a time when I did keep up on it…but I worked my tushy off to do it…so I know it can be done!  Maybe I’m getting old!!  Oh no!  Oh to be a tiny newborn again…without a care in the world…except for when your next meal will be served!

WHAT?  My images are gone, and WordPress isn’t working for me now!  When I hit ‘Add Media’ – nothing happens!!  Whaaaaaa!!  Anyone know what might be going on?  I’m on WordPress 4.0 and a Mac.


Antique Pram / Carriage for Sale!

I’ve used this beautiful Pram / Carriage over the years, and have loved it.  But, it’s time to de-stash and move it on to someone else!!  I’m asking $250 for it.  If you need it shipped, it may be expensive…I know, because I had it shipped to Portland, Oregon from Florida when I bought it!  Please email me if you are interested at  – Can be picked up locally from Portland, Oregon.

Photography Prop Antique Pram

Antique Pram / Carriage for Sale

Baby Carriage

Photography Prop Antique Pram


Newborn Workshop! Orange County, California

LaurieL Photography will be doing both a Maternity Photography Workshop and a Newborn Photography Workshop in Costa Mesa, California on August 1st and 2nd, 2014.

These will be Small Group Photography Workshops and are done in studio with studio lighting!  There is a limit of six students for the Newborn Workshop, and 8 students for the Maternity Workshop.

Classes will be from 9am – 6pm each day.  Morning snacks, drinks and lunch will be provided.

You can attend one day only, or save $200 by attending both days!

Make your Deposit HERE to save your place in this Workshop!


LaurieL Photography Workshops

Maternity and Newborn Workshops


Florida Newborn Workshop!

I’m currently looking for someone who would like to host a Maternity and Newborn Photography 2-day Small Group Workshop in Florida this year (2014)!  I’m getting requests to come to Florida and do a Workshop from people, but I need someone who has a studio to host it.  You’ll need to have studio space that can accommodate up to 8 people.   I have family in Ocala if you are located near the area, and would prefer that area as it is so central to all of Florida as well…but it’s not a requirement.   These are in studio workshops using studio lighting. Please contact me directly if you are interested?


LaurieL Photography Workshops

Maternity and Newborn Workshop in Florida


LaurieL - October 17, 2014 - 8:22 pm

Yes! I’ll B in Ocala, FL in March of 2015. Please email me at for more information. I will also be posting information as the time draws nearer!

Diana - October 16, 2014 - 11:07 am

Will you be doing any workshops in Florida in 2015? If so I would like some more information. Thanks

LaurieL - September 25, 2014 - 8:41 pm

Hi Brittany! I’ll be in Florida in March of 2015. Where R U located? I’ll be in the Ocala area.

Brittany - September 25, 2014 - 8:06 am

Do you have any other Florida workshops?

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